"ViFX engaged Rocket Projects to manage a key client project that we had worked very hard to win. They identified what was required very quickly, sorted out governance and reporting issues and gave the client sponsor the confidence he needed. It was a major contribution at a very important time. They now have the project running ahead of plan – a challenging task in a multi-vendor environment. They also prepared a simple Project Management Framework to enable consistently high quality in the way we manage our client assignments – we are currently implementing this framework. We look forward to working closely with Rocket Projects as our business continues to grow and develop. Thanks guys!"

Geoff Olliff, Managing Director, ViFX Limited

Advisory, Project and Change Management Services


The people we work with tell us their biggest challenge with making the decision to take advantage of our services is not Rocket Projects’ reputation, our significant experience in providing the right assistance or our departure from the international consulting house approach. In their minds the biggest challenge is where to start.


This is where we can help. Rocket delivers powerful solutions.
Our people assist your people by identifying you pain at the source, preparing approaches to remove this pain and working with you and your staff to remove the pain. We do this professionally, objectively and with respect. Our people at Rocket Projects are experienced, well resourced and leaders in their fields. We respect where you are and where you need to go.


We have linked our advisory services to our delivery capability to provide end-to-end solutions, linking strategy to execution, concept to delivery.


Engage us if you need to build a working relationship with someone who provides professional advisory and assurance services in Strategic Planning; Enterprise Architecture, Information Services, Portfolio/Programme/Project Management, Post-Merger/Acquisition, Business Transformation and Organisational Change.
We deliver powerful solutions in the following areas:


Strategy and Roadmaps

Are your programmes and projects firmly embedded in a strategic business context, with clear linkages to organisational outcomes, business priorities and digital strategies? Often we find this broader view is missing, and project benefits delivery is severely impacted.

Our advisory services team is expert on guiding and working with your business to define and articulate this strategic context, developing IS and Digital strategies and prioritised roadmaps of executable programmes and projects. Our strategies and roadmaps will provide the framework for successful project execution, with clear, consistent value and benefits views across your organisation.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture is about balancing consistent organisation wide views and standards with being agile and responsive in initiating and effecting business (and technology) change. Our advisory services team have broad experience in applying enterprise architecture approaches, and if necessary, more formal EA frameworks, to support Business and IS strategies, and innovation.

We focus on providing sound architectural governance and context for digital solutions delivered by your programmes and projects, often applying a ‘just enough architecture’ approach to ensure flexible, cost effective delivery and integration, optimised across your organisation, information and technology assets.

Information and Services

We provided the right information to a number of the people we work with so that they can make decisions that affect their information and services areas. In addition to strategy and enterprise architecture, our people are skilled in business modelling; organisational design, governance structures, capacity planning and change delivery.

Independent Quality Assurance

Is your project or programme on track to deliver the expected benefits?

Are the key issues and risks being effectively managed?

We provide independent, objective, practical and open feedback to senior executives, independently assessing project status, issues and risks. Advice is provided by experienced staff who are not part of the delivery team.

Portfolio Management

Effective portfolio management helps large organisations make sound decisions by prioritising the deployment of scarce resources to change initiatives and maximising their value to help achieve the organisation’s strategy. Organisations operate in increasingly dynamic environments, which often make it a struggle to satisfy fluid business requirements. Our portfolio management advisory and assistance services help organisations to develop appropriate processes and capabilities to achieve this aim. We provide practical guidance for conducting capability development, maturity assessments and performance reviews. Our framework provides a flexible, comprehensive approach that can help our clients achieve their goals.

Benefits Management and Realisation Advisory

We help you to identify the measurable business changes that you will see at the successful completion of your project and tie these into an effective Benefits Management and Realisation Strategy which can be referenced in your Business Case. Even for projects where outcomes are “enabling” or “intangible”, our Project Advisory team will be able to assist with the identification of proxy indicators and benefit relationships to support the approval of your Business Case, and carry these forward through the project lifecycle to ensure successful benefits delivery.

Large Project and Programme Management Assistance

This service is designed to address the full lifecycle of a project or programme, providing an integrated approach to managing large initiatives – the result: significant efficiencies and enhanced outcomes. The approach incorporates concepts from well-known risk, benefits, project and quality management disciplines to help organisations achieve the results they expect during every phase of a large project or programme.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M) Practices

P3M provides services for the purpose of designing or evaluating portfolio, programme or project management practices. The objective is to assist in implementing or improving P3M practices to reduce project costs, increase project success and create an organisational P3M support environment which is valued by internal and external stakeholders alike.

Programme Management Office Assistance

Programme Management Office Assistance is intended to help our clients develop the processes to support a Programme Management Office (PMO). We assist with the development of a client’s programme office processes and facilitate communication across client leadership to help make sure that enterprise programme initiatives are aligned with the organisation’s business strategies. The focus of the PMO is to increase project visibility across client leadership in order to help achieve strategic programme performance.

Project Risk Assessment

These services provide a highly focused, activity-based approach to project risk management. They provide management with an objective and independent assessment of the risks associated with a business initiative, programme or project, and evaluate the effectiveness of planned or implemented controls to mitigate the risks.

Project Delivery

Our practitioners know that successful projects are the result of clear vision, careful planning and meticulous execution. Sometimes we recommend combinations of practitioners with specialist skills and often we are able to provide part-time resources to enable a degree of flexibility for project budgeting.

Post-Merger, Acquisition or Divestment

We know what is required to merge, integrate or separate teams, departments, divisions and businesses. The going can get tough without the right approach, vision and execution. Our people have led or advised many organisations like yours through similar volatile times. We have the right mix of talent to create an environment suited to your needs. Experience tells us that some times a calming atmosphere works and other times we need to create a vacuum for things to start to happen.

Business Transformation

We have experience in leading programmes that are much broader than technological change and often require a major shift in organisational culture and attitudes. They may involve more than one organisation. Sometimes the development of trust is all that is required for a significant breakthrough.

Organisational Change

It is generally accepted today that the inclusion of change management practices throughout the life cycle of a business project not only increases the likelihood of successful project completion but also the adoption and embedding of its deliverables into the organisation.

We help clients understand and implement the change necessary to deliver the value across people, process and technology and at all levels of the organisation, from Board to front-line staff. We have recognised that organisations are struggling to include change management in their projects despite their eagerness for a successful outcome. This, in part, is due to a lack of expertise in the market to coach organisations in the art of integrating project and change management.

We provide specialist Change Management practitioners to lead change initiatives or coach organisations to address this issue.

Coaching and Mentoring Programmes

The experience in our team enables us to provide practical programmes to assist individuals or organisations that need to develop greater capability quickly. Often this is driven by rapid business growth and the business literally can’t wait for capability to grow organically.


Although we are primarily practitioners, rather than trainers, to enable individuals or organisations to develop capability quickly, we sometimes run courses where we can see there is a gap in the market. Please refer to the Courses page for details of current courses on offer.

Product/System Agnostic

We have no financial or other interest in any product or system solutions. Our advice is fully independent.


In service it always comes back to people. We carefully select our Rocket Projects associates and contractors. We have robust overlays across our team. Our people are experienced relationship builders who have a solid track record of being acknowledged for making a difference in their fields.

Our services drive speed and effectiveness of change within your organisation by reducing costs and increasing success.
Rocket can help you be successful in many ways.
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