"So many Project Management courses are very methodology orientated with very little practical application – as the course name ‘Beyond Methodology’ suggests this course was really focussed on the practical elements of using the theory/methodology. The attendees were invited to discuss & share their Project Management experiences throughout the day which provided a great learning opportunity for all, and the two break out sessions allowed Project Management theory/methodology to be applied to ‘real life’ situations, again providing an excellent practical learning opportunity. Both facilitators were excellent, very experienced and knowledgeable and I would not hesitate in recommending a Rocket Projects Beyond Methodology Course to my friends/colleagues, and would definitely consider attending another course myself."

Julie Dunn, Principal Consultant

Project & Change Management Development Courses

Rocket Fuel for Projects: Stuff that works.

(One day – $490+GST and booking fees). Offered in-house (streamlined to meet your needs) and in public workshops. Corporate discount available – email events@rocketprojects.co.nz for details.

Next  session – Friday 29th July – Registration & coffee 8.30am. Course 9.00am to 4.30pm

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Are your projects proceeding at great speed and producing really powerful solutions? If not, you or your team probably lack the knowledge of what is takes to make projects really take off. Part of what you need is a practical toolkit of stuff that works – to help you get the basics right and set your projects up for success.

Rocket Projects; a leader in project and change management practices has recognised that organisations are struggling to find effective training and development opportunities that equip staff to perform well the minute they are back on the job. This course is all about how to get stuff done.


Course Objectives

Participants will leave the course with an understanding of Project management as a business discipline, the key elements, the value and how it assists with achievement of business strategy/goals. They will learn about a typical project management lifecycle and the objectives of the different phases, key roles in a project and the related responsibilities and relationships, and about key Stakeholder management.

Participants will be able to :-

  1. Develop a project vision, problem and objective statement(s)
  2. Define the scope of a project and what is to be delivered
  3. Identify and document project benefits
  4. Produce a high-level work breakdown structure and project schedule
  5. Identify key project milestones, estimate resource requirements and identify project costs
  6. Identify and categorise key stakeholders; assess their involvement with the project
  7. Develop high level plans for stakeholder management and project communications
  8. Identify and manage project issues and change requests
  9. Identify and manage project risks including risk assessment, treatment and reporting
  10. Be able to monitor and report on project progress against agreed scope, time and cost.


Who will benefit?

Business people who want to understand the fundamentals of project management, including Project Managers (especially newbies), Programme and Project Coordinators (looking to step up or just know more), Project Sponsors and Project Business Owners (with very little project experience), Change Managers or any other business personnel who want to know more about project management or who end up running projects occasionally. PMI members will  earn 6 PDUs.
This is a one-day classroom based course, with a  maximum of 18 participants. Two Rocket Project Facilitators, Noel Robinson and Susan Cavanagh, will encourage interactive/group participation and  slide handouts and templates will be provided to take away.


Beyond Change Management: The art of integrating project and change management to deploy project deliverables successfully

(One day – $490+GST and booking fees). Offered in-house (streamlined to meet your needs) and in public workshops. Corporate discount available – email events@rocketprojects.co.nz for details.

Next  session – Friday 19th August – Registration & coffee 8.30am. Course 9.00am to 4.30pm

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“The inclusion of Change Management practices throughout the life cycle of a business project not only increases the likelihood of successful project completion but also the adoption and embedding of its deliverables into the organisation.”


Rocket Projects, a leader in Project and Change Management practices has recognised that organisations are struggling to include Change Management in their projects despite their eagerness for a successful outcome.  With this in mind we have developed a course which specifically focuses on integrating Change Management with existing business Project Management practices.


Course Objectives

  1. Understand why we need to view projects and change initiatives from a Change Management perspective, and what that looks like.
  2. Learn how Change Management can be integrated into existing Project Management practices.
  3. Recognise that effective Change Management is required in all business sectors.
  4. Establish that Change Management is applicable for all types of projects e.g. organisational restructures, cultural change, process improvement and technology initiatives.
  5. Demonstrate that the Change Management artefacts can easily be incorporated into a standard Project Management framework and documentation.
  6. Experience, hands-on, how to integrate change management through group work on a practical case study.
  7. Understand the benefits of including Change Management and have the confidence to integrate into all projects.


Who will benefit?

Business people who want to have more success in deploying project outcomes into their organisation, with improved returns on investment, including Project Sponsors and Project Business Owners, Portfolio Managers, Change Managers, Programme and Project Managers. PMI members will earn 6 PDUs.

This is a one-day classroom based course, with a  maximum of 18 participants. Two Rocket Project Facilitators, Noel Robinson and Michelle Hewlett, will encourage interactive/group participation and  slide handouts and case-study notes will be provided to take away.



Beyond Methodology: A Different Approach to Managing Projects

(One day – $490+GST and booking fees ). Offered in-house (streamlined to meet your needs) and in public workshops.

Experience how focusing on the ‘Why’ of managing projects can empower and improve upon the ‘How’ of project methodologies.

This course offers participants an opportunity to sharpen their project management skills and leverage the knowledge of their peers.

Course approach:

Participants take part in discussions on theory and practice together with scenario-based, interactive sessions and real-world examples, to reach a different level of understanding in establishing and running projects. Active learning is achieved through role play – participants experience situations that occur in real projects. The experience of peers is leveraged through the sharing of ideas and approaches to investigate scenarios and solve problems.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Assess current project status
  • Address key questions to the right people
  • Recommend improvements and next steps.

Benefits of attending:

  • Learn why projects often fail and how to avoid that happening
  • Learn how to recognise and resolve project problems
  • Learn how to think beyond the mechanics of project methodology
  • Improve what you can offer your project or organisation
  • Earn six PDUs for PMI members.

Who should attend:

This course will appeal to anyone who wishes to have more success with their projects including:

  • Project sponsors
  • Project owners
  • Programme managers
  • Project managers.

What participants say:

“I am certainly happy to recommend Rocket Projects’ Project Management course. This tackles some of the more difficult and real-life issues that Project Managers have to deal with on a daily basis, particularly the people factors. I found the presenter’s knowledge as well as discussions with like-minded Project Managers on challenges such as governance and political aspects of projects excellent, as we all face similar obstacles that can derail our projects.”

Paul Evans, PMO Manager


“I am always keen to attend refresher courses that can address both Project Management art and science issues. Rocket Projects gets it right! It is an intelligent, well-designed, well-paced and well-priced course. It draws on the facilitators’ wealth of experience and the collective experience of the group, to find practical ways to address project issues that are often experienced but seldom addressed in programmes. If you are looking for a course where the “rubber really hits the road” – don’t miss this.”

Frances, Project Manager


“My first experience of Rocket Projects was a project management training course they facilitated in August 2010. The course was entitled ‘Beyond Methodology’ and proposed to deliver a course that would make you think outside the box. Having been on a few project management courses before I thought I knew what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised. The course was highly interactive and engaged the participants in a number of ways, including an exercise that very graphically demonstrated the power of a team working together. The course covers good project management practice but the real message it delivered was all about how to do this whilst keeping focused on the fundamental reasons for undertaking a project. This was a refreshing change in comparison to previous project management courses I have been on and I certainly came away with a new perspective on project management methodology and how to apply it. I would highly recommend the ‘Beyond Methodology’ course to any project managers who are looking for ways to improve their effectiveness in the workplace.”

Steve Burris, Principal Engineer


“Unlike so many other 2 dimensional approaches to Project Management, Rocket Projects’ Beyond Methodology course gave me the X factor I was looking for. I now have more confidence to effectively manage the more intangible and complex aspects of project management.”

Stacey Davidson, Change Manager

The course is facilitated by  Noel Robinson.



For more information on dates or in-house training, email Stephanie at events@rocketprojects.co.nz